LuAPE: an adapted Library

Library LuAPe.

We were fortunate to visit the library LuAPE, a specialised place suitable for people with disabilities. Whether it is a motor handicap, sensory, neuro-developmental…   We met on the spot a warm atmosphere, a team motivated to help, we were received with a lot of kindness and listening. One of our members goes there for his autistic daughter and it's a very positive experience every time they pull it off.

For our autistic kids.

The children will find their happiness as well as their loved ones with a beautiful snoezelen space, motor games, sensory games everywhere, educational and pedagogical games. We are admiring to see this little playful world so adapted to our children. * The domino with pictograms that are familiar to many of us is made by the team. A goal of this game is a hygiene education while being playful. The team manufactures games according to the needs of people with disabilities.

For the less young too!

Although we always associate the term library with childhood, I must confess that, as an autistic person, I loved this place from a point of view serenity and felt sensory. Their sensory space is just incredible (my next visits, in the very near future, will not only be for my son but Cheerath:D). From my experience I want to tell you not to deprive you to go even if you are no longer a child and you have sensory peculiarities.

Practical information:

You will understand, we are very happy to know such a place and we plan to go there regularly.  The detour is definitely worth it, I can only try to convince you to make your own experience.  You can stay there to enjoy all the games or rent it at home for a period of 15 days at a very reasonable price. Everything is on their website: & Dogmatix.


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