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Who writes on the paper? The answer at the end of these few lines


Hello, here is a small presentation of Me "ASPERGIRL & IDEFIX". I am a 27 year old woman diagnosed for only a few months with autism spectrum disorder. I am what is called a "aspergirls". I am often in my world, clumsy and not very sociable, but I am rather nice as a person when you learn to know me. I have a little boy who's 7.5 years old and has the same troubles as me. It was by discovering his autism that I asked so many questions. Until the last day I doubted the legitimacy of my tiring, long, costly, stressful diagnostic process, despite a great team. The day I was going to have an answer finally, I came back to the office for the conclusion and after some formulas of politeness exchanged (yes yes, I still acquired some basic social conventions such as "Hello"), I was entitled very quickly "for We were all very clear that you are autistic. " To Ben Thin then, this point? I'm really weird as a girl what, you'll understand. I will avoid telling you about my past which was difficult of course by being autistic without diagnosis and therefore without care… it will be the subject of another article perhaps but let us focus on the present and the future (my psychologist will be happy with me if She reads me J). So my present: and Ben First of all my family life. When you're autistic, it's not easy to be a mom and to be a woman. I'm pretty mediocre in both roles but I have a lot of good will to do well, it compensates somewhat. My neurotypical husband rips his hair daily between his two autistics who spend their time arguing otherwise, as it seems that autistic people hate the relational, I annoying, I decided to work with the children. Because yes, I really like the relational… with children and animals. (much less complex than adult humans). I worked a few years in crib, mostly, but with a few burn out to my credit, because working as a team in a child community when you are full of sensory and social problems this is the worst idea we can have. After an umpteenth burn out, I decided it was over for me. I hope to go back to school to work with children with special needs. Of course as I am autistic, I will cause some of my restricted interests. In a nutshell: Psychology, education, pedagogy. The books (of my favorite subjects) that I collect (this is the major cause of my worries of budget management), social networks (to discuss my limited interests), surfing the Internet (to find information about my restricted interests), Make trainings (because I love learning). I was fortunate to meet on my route some wonderful people, parents of autistic children, autistic themselves… All these people have helped me a lot, listened to, welcomed with my difference. They have given me the opportunity to have relationships, while tolerating my misaddresses, by valuing myself for who I am. Most of these people are part of the Autism in Action Association in which I am a very active volunteer. So much for the little presentation.


Hello, nice to meet you, my name is Christopher. I was 29 years ago, I live in Namur. In a short and concise way, to talk about my career, I would say that I went through a number of events like a difficult schooling (I left school at 17 years old), I was without housing twice, I also bumped into different (very) hard Realities such as career path, administrative, social relations whether private or more formal. After a lot of difficulties and pitfalls, I managed to get a recognition of handicapped person, as well as a diagnosis of autistic Asperger's by the Arc de Liège… But it took me three years to get all this and put my life back on track, finally getting the right help. I must say that I am someone who, I think, is very atypical. For a lot of things I am very resourceful and independent, for others I am a real quiche. It's complicated to be me! I'm passionate about imaginary worlds, I'm a "geek" as they say. Which means games in any genre, movies, series, manga, etc. I also like art in general, especially music and more specifically extreme metal. I have also been a singer of this kind of music in a few groups but this has never given anything serious unfortunately. Finally I am very interested in politics and philosophy, I am a fairly romantic and idealistic person. For several years I have embraced writing, and although I write regularly since the age of 14 years (my very first text, I remember, was a story in a notebook at school when I was 10 years old) poems, texts of songs… I moved to a higher stage by launching myself into writing a fantastic saga that I count and hope to publish well in a (very) near future, and also writing a blog (address = > where I speak on various Subjects that affect me and appeals to me. I hope that all this will happen one day and that I could live, that I am talented enough to "make a career" in the midst of art, stories, Imaginary worlds. Nothing would make me happier than to share all this with other people, to live my passion and my love of all these things with others. I am delighted, proud and happy to be able to write for the Autism in Action Association and I hope you enjoy my lines. Looking forward to meeting you and discussing more with you.


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