Generation Looser

dth = "324"] o Bank account, you who is too often skinny, forgive me my poverty and allows me to buy a new PC. Amen. /Caption You are young (good it is relative but say you are between 25 and 35 years), you understand that today's world is crap, you have passions that are close to your heart, you are autistic or in a broad spectrum of "different and ultra sensitive/emotional person" and C OUP work is a bit of torture… so what to do? Well it's simple. Either you're lucky in your job and you like it. Either you have some kind of pension that allows you to live pretty much right. You're either going to fuck yourself. Finally that is what society is saying today to people like you. Moreover it is valid for just about everyone regardless of the situation, fragile person or not. At least that's what was my case, I quickly realized that either I was biting on my chew and I was slowly accepting to lose my mental health and my willingness to live, or I was living on the sidelines of the system, because having no school qualification , the only job of the future for me was diver at Quick. I tried a training of specialized educator, it made me peté a lead and I felt like going back to high school and I definitely do not support the world Metro-work-dodo, not to mention the world of education concretely, which is Clearly not all pink and is even rather horrible sometimes. I ended up accepting a relative poverty, having to juggle with my own, to settle for little, and to pray that no unforeseen filthy bill would fall on me. This is where I shoot myself, to choose I prefer to live modestly… already because I have time for me, I do not have to suffer every morning to go to prison, and more generally I can take care as I want. And this. It just doesn't have a price. The worst is that I know that compared to others my course is not the most infernal. [caption id = "attachment_609" align = "aligncenter" width = "462"] The spectre of society lurks everywhere. Including your home. /Caption But hey, you still have to win a little money to eat something other than white rice with nothing at every meal… so… bah it is possible to go to the CPAs, to the Black Virgin, or stuff of the kind and you cry for a little money because there is no 36 solutions when We're not going to be able to work… and even the expert doctors who will be looking at the file do everything they can to send you back to the world, highlighting your lazy fat lies. Which makes me laugh because, in a desperate attempt, I even asked on various occasions whether this or that person who was the boss of something I liked could hire me, but not. After all who would trust someone without qualifications, and who is "weird"? In addition in all honesty I do not think I would have liked, today practically everything is a commercial activity. The passion no longer exists, today if the diarrhea in the box sold, believe me it would be. In an ideal world there is a solution. To have a talent, something you're good at, something you really like, and make it a profitable business. But hey. Even that I can not do it… All these people who recognize each other closely or far in this description that I just made, I call it the generation looser. But I honestly do not know who loses the most in exchange. If it is people like me who are walking failures, or if it is the world that sacrifices, without realizing it, an entire population that would be more than competent to make our planet a better world. With all my friendship. Fuck You Society. I still prefer to live with little success and money but in my imaginary worlds, rather than propagate more of your influence as a slave to your suicidal system where the only possible future is the death of personality signifying the decline of an original and inventive critical mind. I am a creator and not a soulless copy. [caption id = "attachment_620" align = "aligncenter" width = "270"] Kiss



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