Together we are stronger. /Caption Life is hard. Life will make you crawl. Life is painful. Anyone who dares to pretend otherwise is a charlatan, a liar. As Rocky's legendary speech (the original video in English) to his son says: Life… she'll put you on her knees. There are several ways to acquire what you are owed in existence. Believing in you, working hard, not losing hope, being well surrounded, a little nudge of fate, and so on. It's very important to have all this. It is even important to be able to rely on a personal resource to be able to progress in life, to grow, to succeed, to surpass its difficulties, to achieve happiness. In today's world, it is necessary to be able to surround yourself, to be able to have someone to count on, someone who can shoulder, take the relay, and consort. How to succeed a project of any part? That's not possible. Even the biggest self-made man have had at one time or another the help of someone. Even someone who rides a project from any piece from a to Z gets help from someone, reading a book, finding a line of code on the Internet, asking someone questions, etc. Even Batman has someone to count on. Alfred. /Caption I'm a very lonely person, even if it's not really by choice but let's move on. I do not work very well as a team, I do not feel comfortable with the idea of depending on anyone. One day a shrink (a good, rare enough to note) told me "I can't prevent tsunamis, or earthquakes." Also boat it may seem… he's right. Who are we, if not men? Who are we, if not bags of walking meat taking for God in our most megalomaniac moments? Person. We are only dust lost in the vastness of the universe. I am anything but patriotic, yet "the Union makes strength" which is the motto of Belgium is not the dumbest I could hear (as ridiculous as it is seen the division of the country, but either). Whatever you do, you will need at some point of the help of others, or something else. You need trees and greens to breathe, you need nature to feed you (even if you are vegan), you have parents who made you born. We are not finite beings, we are not perfect beings. The earth will be fine without you, however, the opposite is anything but true. And that, the Amerindians had understood it well… /Caption In the name of the common good, it is important to participate, to include, to share, to exchange, to go in the same direction, to work on the same length of aid, for the benefit of everyone. No one should be excluded because each contribution counts. Every idea, every initiative, every participation. When we are all on the same path of life, it is too stupid not to see the implication that can have a vision on which we agree, on a goal that would benefit a greater number than just our selfish little pride. In my case, I chose two things in which I want to devote my existence, and on which everyone is welcome to bring his stone to the building, to help me, to help us, for one day, that everyone can enjoy. These two struggles are: the sharing of art, and the improvement of the quality of life of the most fragile people. You are more than welcome to participate…. Because… Together we are stronger. /Caption



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