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= "494"] "All that is needed is a bad day to reduce the healthiest man in the world to dementia." It's the distance between me and the world. Just a bad day. You had a bad day once. Am I right? You had a bad day and everything has changed since then. – The Joker»

If all the crappy solutions I was offered, if all the hollow and lame encouragement pissed me off, if the others seemed helpless and useless, it's for a good reason… it's no use. The solution is in us. As cliché and naïve as this is, it is the strict and pure truth. No one will help you, no one will find a solution for you. It comes from the individual. Each person is unique, each person is different. What is a hell for me is the paradise of another, what is my paradise is the hell of my neighbor. Depending on the individual, a poison can be a cure, as a death threat. Damn, when will man have understood that relativity is a mathematical law? To return to our sheep, with a graph, what I say more precisely is that when there is no problem, there are only solutions, and if there is no solution, there is no problem. Do you have a problem? If not, no problem, if so, can you do something? If so, no problem, if not, no problem. /Caption Well, in my case it's a little bit complicated to apply, but it's still very true. For the curious it's just that I can not force a pretty donzelle to make me a… (censored for the jammed too), and that I can not harass a guy (or a girl, after all is not gendered) to come do a game of dirty Bomb or Total War: Warhammer. But hey, it's still true. The subtlety of my difficulty is that it will come when it comes, and waiting for me to stay myself… there is no point in making sacrifices that will not make me win, let alone in the long run. Because this is the complexity of the concept of "helping others". That requires a certain number of ingredients. Empathy, understanding, knowledge of the other, and above all a genuine willingness to help. In the excellent film "Yes but…" With the equally excellent Gérard Jugnot, he says I quote "help Yes, save no". It is precious to want to help the other, but it must be done from his point of view, from his path, from his responsibility towards himself. This is counterproductive and destructive to save someone, for both parties. To get back to my thing, I don't count the number of times I've heard some con speeches about "bah it's better to be alone" or "it you have to love yourself before you love others» See ' Love is overrated ' or ' bah you have to get out Auss I ", and I would ignore the" you have a lot of anger in you "… nothing but rethinking the trick simply enraged on the" You have to silence its part of shadow to let people come to you "it gives me hives. All these free remarks, thrown on the fly like a salutary miracle that I would obviously need to help me when I was expressing a difficulty around a discussion of a Facebook group on autism, are pure crap. Why? For these people have not taken the time to know me, what I wish, or to consider my experience, what I have already understood, tried and crossed. Helping others is as complex, if not more, than helping oneself. This requires a skill of listening, of reserve, not to impose on the other our vision of the world. The first and only recipe on the secret of happiness. Accept yourself as you are. /Caption The world of autism is a brothel without a fucking name, just to give a definition is only infernal. There are nuances, subtleties, and although we are able to agree on certain things, even specialists sometimes fight each other on the question of "What is autism?". Knowing yourself, solving your problems, finding happiness is a human issue, autism or not. That said I can foresee that it is even more complicated for an autistic person because to know one is not obvious, and to know the other, oh my God, it is a turn of force. Who are you? What do you want from me? What does that mean? And why are you leaving? Are you mad? What did I do? Hey say you ever heard of the specificity of the carbon wires from the 1958 bulbs? Jt'ai already talk about my passion for stone bridges? etc etc etc… I will let you imagine the continuation of this kind of scenario so frequent that it becomes boring. So anyway, it's worth what it's worth, but if I have a tip to give you is to stay as you are, see to finally embrace who you are. It's better for everyone, and especially for you. There's a lot of people out there trying to be someone else, and getting yelled at because you never do things pretty well. I am. What else do you want me to be, motherfucker? And don't forget, life is cooler when you're laughing a little. /Caption


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Written by Christopher Emanuel


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