It was an exceptional day.

And now is the day of Operation Blue socks. It's hard to believe after so much investment, stress, joy, toil… That this day has passed so quickly. What I can say is only positive. I do not know where to start… By all the new meetings I have been able to make? By diverse and interesting conferences? By the touching testimonies? By the joy, the smiles of children and adults? So many beautiful things on this sunny day. I especially want to say thank you! Thanks to the team of volunteers welded and motivated. Without their mobilization, their creativity, their energy, their potential, none of this would have been possible. Thanks to them. Thank you to the Fondation Marguerite-Marie Delacroix for its precious support without whom we could not have been able to advance serenely in the organization of this beautiful day. Thanks to act for their huge investment in this day as well as their research. Thanks to the people who came to this day, children and adults.  Thank you for your presence, for your interest and your confidence. I hope that just like me this day will have been rich and moving for you.   Thanks to the sponsors who allowed us to carry out the raffle, to offer anti-noise helmets to people with autism, to offer good food, to propose "zen" treatments… Thanks to the library Luape for having made available their toys adapted, educational, sensory, playful… Thanks to the company of Blue Taxis who took care of transporting on the premises and drive home autistic people and their families who needed it and gracefully and thanks to them who supported us by hanging a sock and a Displays to their cars. Thank you to all the speakers: Autism Specialists Professor Kissin and Dr. Stanciu for scientific and medical information on autism. A Cinzia Agoni of the Autisolidarité platform and the ASBL Inforautisme for its presentations highlighting the growing mobilization of the associative milieu. Of course I thank the public for his interesting interventions. Thank you to the people who testified: whether it is autistic people, their parents often angry about the situation in our country, so voluntary and deserving, or even Josiane Linda, teacher, who was able to share her experience in School environment with autistic schoolchildren. Thanks to autistic people for their very nice presence at the stand "coffee meets autistic and company", I loved meeting various autistic people and it is a great opportunity to show that we autistic, like you non-autistic, we love Communicating with our pairs. Thanks to the participants, watermarks, SUSA, OUAD, fashion… Who have held stands proposing suitable equipment or even pleasant care. Thanks to the Kidzumba school, to the Histrion Circus troupe and the sleepwalking Choir to Mr. 13, to the Indigo Mango & the Kameleons group, to the makeup artist…  To have animated this day. We were able to have a diversified program and a lot of interesting things to do, thanks to them, we never got bored. Thanks to all the media for their interest in this day, the interviews were numerous and the articles appeared transmitting well our feelings of people concerned with autism through the media, our cause will be better understood and understood. Personally I am happy to speak publicly as an autistic person and mother of an autistic child, thanks to them for giving me the floor. I certainly forget to thank some people so much we have had mobilization from all sides but a thousand thanks to all of you. For the various articles and testimonials on the radio, do not hesitate to visit the page of the association here. Aspegirl & Dogmatix Photos: Fabrice Karimi.


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