ABA and Autism: a pedagogy of progress. Ron Leaf & John McEachin

Techniques for learning Verbal behaviour: Teaching communication and language through ABA methods to children with autism syndrome disorders.  Mary Lynch Barbera & Tracy Rasmussen

Practice of individualized intervention.  

Analysis of the behaviour applied to the child and adolescent.  Vinca River

The behavioral approach of autism: good and bad practices, what to say.  Ronald Burton Leaf, John McEachin & Mitchell Taubman






Assessment and response to behavioural challenges intellectual deficiency and autism. Eric Willaye & Ghislain Magerotte

Manual for parents with children with autism.  E. Willaye, M. F Blondiau, M. H clog, S. Catherine, M. Descamps, A. Glace, B. Moro, C. Ninforge

The behavioral approach of autism: good and bad practices, what to say.  Ronald Burton Leaf, John McEachin & Mitchell Taubman






Asperger's syndrome and high-level autism.  Behavioral approach. Tony Attwood






Structured Education-TEACCH

Autism: The challenge of the TEACCH program. Gary B. Mesibov







Autism: The Shattered Fortress. Théo Peeters






Autonomy step by step. Teach everyday skills to children with learning disabilities. Bruce L. Baker & Alan J. Brightman






Educational strategies of autism and other developmental disorders. E. Schopler, R. J. Reichler, M. Lansing






Educational activities for autistic children. Eric Schopler, Margaret Lansing, Leslie Waters.






Early Intervention

Early intervention in Autism: The Denver model for young children: Evaluation and management. Sally J. Rogers & Geraldine Dawson


Early intervention in autism for parents-with the Denver model. Sally J. Rogers, Geraldine Dawson, Laurie A. Vismara

Imitate to grow. Development of baby and child with autism. Jacqueline Nadel

Autism of the child. Exchange therapy and development. Catherine Barthelemy, Laurence Hall, Gilbert Lelord

Social skills

Sexuality and Asperger syndrome. Sexual Education and intervention with the autistic person. Isabelle Hénault






Understand the tacit rules of social relations. Decode the mysteries of life in society through autism. Grandin & Sean Barron Temple






The incredible 5-point scale. Help students with autism spectrum disorders understand social interactions and control their emotional responses. Kari Dunn Buron & Mitzi Curtis







Guide autistic children in social skills. Mélanie Richoz and Valérie Rolle

Guide autistic children in social skills

Social skills training applied to autism: a Guide for stakeholders. Amaria Baghdadli and Judith Brisot-Dubois

Social skills training for autism: Guide for stakeholders by [Baghdadli, Amaria, Brisot-Dubois, Judith]


New book of Social scenarios. Carol Gray

New Book of Social scenarios

Comic Conversations. Carol Gray 

Tame the jungle of the playground. Carol Gray