Our Missions

What are the missions of our association ?

The missions of Autism in Action are to provide autistic people, as well as their families and caretakers, with the help they need. Our goal is to allow autistic people to open up by offering them the means to express themselves and to take their place in our society while respecting their singularity and highlighting their skills. Our association intends to be a tool for autistic people and their families in order to guide them through the mazes of the various services and stakeholders who can help them. Autism in Action acts in a personalized and respectful way with the different people involved in making up our society. The future of our children and support to families are at the heart of our project. We are trying to meet the needs of people in the whole diversity of the autism spectrum.

What are our actions ? 

We are working on different plans to achieve our goals :

  • Inform and support autistic people and their families.
  • Encourage inclusion of autistic people.
  • Facilitate relationships of autistic people with the outside world (administration, stakeholders, healthcare, recreation, culture, jobs, respite, law, etc.).
  • Allow an adaptation in the different environments of autistic people.
  • Hear & meet the expectations, needs and desires of autistic people.
  • Provide a stop-over for autistic people and/or their surroundings.
  • For instance with the House of Autism and the Autibus.