The AUTIBUS, a proactive tool

What is the Autibus ?

The Autibus is a proactive tool that goes to autistic people (communities, schools, places of life, and so on) in order to provide them with support and communication materials. Its purpose is to ease the contact and inclusion of the autistic person amongst others. It is a coach equipped with pedagogical, social & communicative tools (movies, books, and so on). On board are competent individuals, trained in autism and good practices who aim :

  • To inform
  • To create a social link
  • To train
  • To evaluate the needs and set up a personalized coaching.

What is it for?

The interest of the Autibus is to be able to move to the place of life that welcomes the autistic person (in coordination with the structures that greet us). It is a link facilitator. It moves at the specific request of the autistic person and/or its stakeholders and will find autistic people in their place of life. So it gives them concrete help based on their actual needs in relation to their environment.