To get Started

Understand high-level autistic people. Peter Veurmelen
Understanding Autism for Dummies. Stephen M. Shore & Linda G. Rastelli. Adapted by Joseph Schovanec & Caroline Glorion.
Autism. From understanding to intervention.  Theo Peeters
Asperger's syndrome. The Complete guide. Tony Attwood
Do you know why I jump? Noaki Higashida
Autism understand and act. Bernadette Rogé

To go further: 

Autism and emotions. Peter Veurmeulen
Autism, another form of intelligence. Laurent Mottron
Discovering Autism: From Neuroscience to life in society. Dominique Yvon
 The sensory and motor aspects of autism. Melissa Casambros & Regis Brunod
Sensory and perceptual issues in autism and Syndromed'asperger.  Olga Bogdashina
Sexuality and Asperger syndrome. Isabelle Henault.
How does an autistic person think? Peter Vermeulen
Spray it to the feminine. Simone Rudy '
In the brain of autistic people. Temple Grandin & Richard Panek.